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The Barbie doll is a placeholder for our Imagination, a vessel for us to place our own attributes and characteristics. Toys like the Barbie doll are vital forms of communication and self expression in our development as humans and thus I believe that is important to take a deeper look into how they affect us and to hold brands accountable for the messages they send via their products. This series of work explores the origins and the identity of the Black Barbie doll. The installation introduced the dolls leading up to the very first Black Barbie and answers the simple question being asked- Who is Black Barbie? Evidently, [Black] Barbie is quite literally the black version of Barbie. The same as the original Barbie in name and rank but with her own unique African American design. Yes, there are other black characters in the Barbie Universe but Black Barbie (est. 1970) is [White] Barbie’s black alter ego, she does not have her own identity, her and [White] Barbie are one and the same. If you are experiencing this artwork I want you to explore how that makes you feel.

Francie Fairchild Barbie Doll - Colored Francie - Black Francie
Christie Doll - Black Barbie - Black Barbie 1968
Black Barbie 1980
Black Barbie Art installation
Black Barbie Mirror